5 star hotels around the world

Many hotels of the world are ranked as 5 stars depending on how well they meet the laid down specifications of the ratings systems. A star is a symbol used with these hotels to show how superior they are to others. Some of the scales that are looked at while according a hotel the 5 star labels include the ambience, cuisine, location, service and noise level. Other areas that are looked at include spas and fitness centers, the type of entertainment, the variation in the rooms as well as the view among others. The more stars a hotel has indicate how luxurious it is.

Some of the world’s 5 star hotels include the Dorchester hotel in London where grand luxury defines this hospitable paradise. Other hotels in London that meet the 5 star hotels ranking include the Claridges and the Lanesborough among others. Paris is home to various phenomenal spots and among them is the worlds most respected 5 star hotels that include Hotel Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athenee. These hotels have the finesse that many visitors look for when sampling what they have to offer. Mumbai is not left out and exhibits her 5 star hotels that include the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and the famous Ritz Madrid. These hotels are characterized by style, luxury, good food, and top of range comfort that gives you a feeling of a home away from home.

Cape Town is home to a 5 star hotel known as the Mount Nelson, which tops its list of the most, sought hotels. New York plays host to the Pierre which is also a renowned 5 star hotel where luxury meets sophistication and tranquil. Kenya is another beautiful hub and has 5 star hotels such as the Nairobi Serena, the Intercontinental, and the Fairmont Hotels among others. The Maldives opens her doors to the beautiful and exotic Cocoa Island, which gives you that much needed treat. 5 star hotels provide their clients with a number of services, which include business. Many of them come complete with a business center, which has modern facilities such as telephones, computers and wireless internet as well as boardrooms. While here, you will feel like you are just right in your office since you will not miss a thing.

For the leisure lovers, the 5 star hotels had you in mind when they embarked on setting up these facilities. Be it a special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary, a launch, or even a birthday, these hotels have what it takes to make your day the most special. They understand that at times you want to take some time off from your hectic work and family schedules. That is why they come with residential places for that much needed getaway. Get to relax and forget all your troubles at their state-of-the-art spas and fitness centers that leave you rejuvenated. Whether you are looking for finesse, romance, or luxury, you will be able to find it in a 5 star hotel of your choice.

5 start hotels are everyones dream, but not all fantastic hotels have been awarded that 5 star ranking yet, meaning we can enjoy the luxury of a 5 star at a 3/4 star cost, Craighaar Hotel Aberdeen is a beautiful hotel hidden on the edge of Aberdeen City, you’ll experience great food, a relaxing atmosphere as well as being in a great location.

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